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Post by Admin on Thu Aug 15, 2013 7:30 pm

As people are starting to run into trouble with the L50+ bosses, here's some tips I've picked up along the way.

1. POT UP! Whenever you are making a new attempt to get further in the cats, (it goes up to L100) either because you got new gear, or higher level troops or better academy upgrades or whatever, FULLY pot. That means Int, Def, Endurance, Charisma and Power. Even if you are an archer/knight, still use Int pots, because they give you a small MDEF boost, the same holds true for mages and power potions. Later on (L80+) you can/should also use the scrolls you get from the guild blessing altar thingy. They give a 5% boost to various stats. As long as you do your altar spins everyday you will have scrolls to use. DON'T use them early on though, since they are generally hard to get.

2. MDEF is king. The L50+ bosses are all the same (giant eye) and he has 4 attacks.
A. Lightning, hits back row only, does magic damage. - Primary attack
B. Triple hit, looks like lightning. Has a stun chance, also does magic damage.
C. Triple tentacle attack, physical attack. I think. Not sure of damage type.
D. Debuff, hits one person/troop and reduces ATK/MDEF/PDEF by 50%. No idea what type of damage this is.

The lightning bolt to the back row is the most frequent and if there's no one in the back row he hits whoever. So STACK MDEF.

3. Double attack! This is just like the WB, as long as you wait until your character is doing the basic attack animation before you hit a skill (takes some timing) you will do your basic attack THEN the skill in the SAME turn. This is NECESSARY to get higher in the cats.

4. Debuff When you get hit with the debuff, if you use a rune (like healing) then double attack, you will clear the debuff (lasts 3 turns) after likely only being hit by 1 attack. With the 50% def reduction this is very handy. Obviously, at this point, we can only do it twice, but still, use it!

5. Bad runs. They happen; I've had runs where I got stunned 3 times AND debuffed 3 times in on attempt. When this happens, you are dead. I've had other runs where I never get stunned and get debuffed once or twice. If you get a bad one, you WILL die. Just revive, try again, and if it still sucks, try again the next day. (you get one revive per day)

6. Archers/Knights. Because the Eye hits the backrow VERY hard with lightning bolts, it is often helpful to put yourself in the frontline and keep your troops in the back to absorb damage. (unless you have crazy high MDEF, in which case, keep yourself in the back) You can't keep them alive with healing and you do a LOT more damage than they do.

Stock up rage. If you are clearing your way to the next boss, make SURE you have 100 rage by the time you get there. If you are re-trying a boss, blitz to 4 levels behind that boss, and rage up from there. For instance, if you are stuck on L50, blitz to 46, then use the mobs to rage up. (or however many mobs it takes for you to hit 100 rage) Alternatively, you can just use your first fight with the boss to rage up but that only gives you one attempt at winning and if it's a bad run..... :/

Class Specific stuff
Healers have a huge advantage here. Start off with lightning, then use Sunt (L3 preferably) once you take some damage. After that it's Lightning bolt + healing basically. Blessed light is a HUGE help here if you have it. Otherwise you are stuck restoring your troops one at a time which is rage intensive. Once your troops go down, keep yourself healed up with restoration and keep sunt active ALL the time. Double attacks + sunt means a lot of healing quickly.
Keep yourself in the back row (healing empowerment L2) and use a MDEF astral. With a pure healer build you wont do much damage, so you will need your troops for as long as they last.

I hope you have Bloodthirsty at L3.
Troops in back row, use bloodthirsty when you get hurt, hopefully you'll crit.
I don't know what else to tell you since I've never played an archer.

Restore astrals are handy here. The cats boss fights are basically endurance tests so the more you can heal the better off you are.
Same as archers, troops in back rows.
More, I can't help with since I've never played a knight.

I will *try* to get better info for knights/archers about cats as I can. Sorry all, never played either class :/


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