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Post by Admin on Fri Jul 26, 2013 5:40 pm

Post for random stuff that people will find useful/interesting.

Double Casting
This is VERY important. When fighting the World Boss/Catacombs bosses/Campaign bosses you can make two attacks per turn. This is INSANELY useful.
Here's how you do it, first, trigger whatever skill you are going to use while the screen is still black. You will cast immediately upon entering the battle. (this isn't for double casting, you should always do this)

Now, wait, without using a skill until your character starts their basic attack animation, WHILE THE ANIMATION IS STILL GOING (i.e. you have to be fast) trigger another skill (like lightning bolt). You will do you basic attack then immediately use the skill.

Essentially you get two attacks per turn with this. It takes a little while to get used to it but once you do.... Twisted Evil

In Void MP dungeon both normal and NM there's two things.

1. Randomly on the third screen a portal will spawn just above the mystery chest, this leads to a Gold Chest (which can drop crypt keys, 10 soul crystals, some other neat stuff) as well as a duplicate of the campaign Boss, Yaros. So if the portal spawns, make sure you go in it first before heading to the final area.

2. On that same screen, there's a pack of 4 blue ugly... things. Normally if you attack them, each person fights one. However, if three people stand up by the Daru Tomb and one spawns the pack, then everyone else can join in and fight all 4, giving you four times the rewards for that fight.

If you use a boosted XP scroll near the end of a MP run, it will last through two more runs and then some. The XP scrolls apply to campaigns as well as the crypt.

Forgotten Catacombs.
After L50, the boss is always the giant floating eye.
Use guardian runes when he hits you with the debuff and stack MDEF like CRAZY.
As a mage, I have a full healing setup, (L3 Rest, L3 Sunt) healing runes, guardian runes and rage runes and I use all of them, that setup got me to L80 of the cats by the time I was L47~.

Getting runes/shop items.
Guild -> Guild Territory -> Altar
Use your max spins every day, I get all my runes from here as well as socketing rods/crypt keys.
What I find works for me, is opening and closing the altar window until I see gems (red crystal thing), the treasure chest (drops mount training whips often) and the shop (ugly... lion... thing) all within 4-5 squares of each other than I start the spin on the first one. I often get one of those.

Good Campaigns
Blitz the "Forgotten Dunes" (46-48) campaign and then "Buradoth's Grave" (L48-50) campaign.
Both have a rare spawn boss that ALWAYS shows up when you blitz. The 46-48 one usually drops a blue piece of gear and always drops 10k-15k gold. The 48-50 usually drops blue gear and 25k gold. Blitz blitz blitz!


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