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Post by Admin on Fri Jul 26, 2013 6:32 pm

Yes, you can get a few free balens.

READ ALL THE POSTS! I added more information as I learned it.
So far I have made about 3k balens free. SO IT WORKS! (check out my wings :p)

Here's how:

Very top of the screen, right side, just after the "Progress to next event" bar is a link that says "GET FREE BALENS"

Click on it :p

The easiest thing here to do is click on the "watch videos" links. There's three, a red, a green (halfway down the page) and one at the top. Click on them, click play, click mute, go back to wartunes, come back in a few and repeat the process. Note that some videos STOP when you switch tabs so get a good book for those.

The green tab requires that you click "Get Your Rewards" after the video is done so don't forget to do that.
This however is a VERY slow process since you only get 1-3 balens for a video.

There are a bunch of offers, and if you click on the links at the top you get another whole list of offers. HOWEVER, most of these offers either require that you spend money or are total bullshit. For instance, I downloaded and installed Bejeweled; I didn't get my balens and I had to reset my default browser and uninstall the three "browser enhancers" that the stupid thing installed and that was AFTER I declined to install several more so try the other "offers" at your own risk.

Also note that with the videos if you run out or don't like the ones that are showing up you can close the window and click the free balens thing again and you'll get a different set.

If anyone is feeling adventurous and does try some of the other offers and find some that work and DON'T screw up your computer, PLEASE post them here so other people can take advantage of them.

What to DO with the balens.
Obviously you can do whatever the hell you want with them but here's some suggestions Smile

1. L6 M/PATK gem transposer. When you get to L55+ and all your gear has L5 M/PATK gems in it you can't go any higher. You HAVE to buy the L6 transposer to get better gems. This is... painful because you CANNOT get L6+ gems without buying them in the market or buying the transposer. Period. The L6 transposers cost 145 balens. Archers will also probably want to get the Crit transposer. If you have the balens, I'd get the L7 transposer EVENTUALLY as well.

2. Double skills. I forget when this unlocks, 45 I think. For 950 balens you get TWO skillsets. So for instance if you are a mage you can have a full healing build and a full damage build and swap back and forth between them as you wish. Archers will probably want a deep freeze setup and a pure damage build. Knights will want A full defense build with Apollo's and.. well, whatever their other preferred build is. The reason for this is because the high level MP dungeons (50+) are HARD. And often you need specialized builds to complete them. It's also handy for mages to use a full healing build in MP dungeons then go damage everywhere else (especially the WB)

3. Socketing rods/Crypt keys. Sort of self evident. 185 for rod, 75 for Crypt and later on they are a huge bonus.

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Post by Dreadsan on Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:23 pm

Ok so as I see myself as an expert in the relm of free Belen's, this is what I know. If you want more free baleen and don't want your pc messed up your only option besides movies is the surveys under peanut labs. This survey work if you qualify and won't infect your computer. Other then that the only safe way is to make a VM and do the offers in the VM then when I gets viruses up, and it will, you can just delete the VM.


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Post by Admin on Thu Aug 01, 2013 2:47 pm

A VM is definitely the way to go, I've been through three so far, once the VM computer is so full of adware and other crap I just install another windows set and delete the old one. Alternatively if you have and older comp that you don't use and don't mind reinstalling windows over and over you can use that. A number of things to know if you are going to do this.

A. It's time consuming, have it running in the background while you do other things.

B. Download multiple browsers and leave IE as the default. Then use firefox or chrome to do the adds. Most of the download stuff will horribly screw up your browser to the point that I couldn't even launch IE on the first VM I used.

C. Half of the offers don't work. You're going to have to go through a lot and it's often hard to tell will all the popup's what exactly you have to do to get the balens.

D. Many of the offers take a while to give you your balens so you wont know for an hour if it actually worked.

E. Several of the sites seem to track how often you try their offers so I would stick to 2-3 daily and that's it.

F. I personally prefer to stick to the ones that say "Free Balens with Download" rather than surveys since surveys take forever.

G. Anything over 150 balens likely requires you to purchase something.

H. In conjunction with the stupid videos you should be able to get a decent amount of balens eventually. Just don't expect enough for all the mounts + wings :p

I. Make a NEW email, mine is called You will have to enter your email over and over and over and sometimes it needs to be valid :p

So far I've gotten 600 balens credited over two days.
We'll see how many I ultimately get.


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Free Balens Empty Re: Free Balens

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:36 pm

This is a list of Free Balen offers that I have gotten to work! If you have others PLEASE post here so we can all take advantage of them!

These are Radium offers. Radium seems to have the best % of working offers.
MyLands - no dl, Boring as hell, takes about 15 minutes
Reimage - dl, took two tries but second time it worked
Cave Frenzy - dl, might have to play it
Tiny Media Player - dl
Slingo Quest - dl
Internet Turbo - dl, take a while to get the balens
Check out Running the Sahara (Prod. by Matt Damon) - dl

TokenAdds offers There's something wrong with these people.
Play Smiley Car and have Endless fun! (I shit you not) - dl
Play Arcade Fever - dl
Receive and Accurate Palm Reading! - no dl required
Looking for a flight simulator? - dl

Supersonic Adds
Download Visual Bee for free and earn Balens! - dl
Download Rocket Downloader and earn Balens! - dl

The others don't seem to track what you've completed. If people have gotten offers that WORK, please post here!

1500 balens so far, more coming.


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Free Balens Empty Re: Free Balens

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