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Welcome to Silent's Forums! (aka READ THIS) Empty Welcome to Silent's Forums! (aka READ THIS)

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 26, 2013 5:46 pm

Guild Tree is at 19:30 every day. The more people who energize the tree the more XP we each get.
For those who don't know, for 15 minutes, you get XP per tick and every three minutes .... things spawn that you can pickup for Guild Contribution. So be there :p

Guild Battle.
Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 20:00 server time.
Winning team gets 700+ Insignia's/Honor and 10 Whips, losing team gets 400+ Insigs/Honor.
We have 50 slots for people but we have yet to have a full house.

At the end of the week everyone who participated gets a bunch of soul crystals.
If we rank #2 overall we get 10 whips and 150 soul crystals
#3 is 90 soul crystals.
Don't ask me what #1 is.


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