Whips and soul crystals.

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Whips and soul crystals. Empty Whips and soul crystals.

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 11, 2013 10:36 pm

This should be obvious by now if you've played for a few months but.... Took me a while to pickup on it. Yeah, I can be slow.

1. SAVE whips. Do NOT use them when you get them.
2. SAVE soul crystals. See above.

Why? Basically every month or every other month we have events that give you huge rewards for using soul crystals or whips. (apparently R2 is running out of idea's) Last month if you used 500 soul crystals you got 600k gold and 60k kryan for the quest. And it was repeatable.

So, DO NOT use either when you get them, save up until the event quests that use them show up then use them.

Currently I have 150 whips and 1500 soul crystals and I know that this month has a 100 whip/500 soul crystal quest event...

The tiny BR boost I'd get from using them is nothing compared to the rewards I will get from the event quests.


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