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Post by Admin on Fri Jul 26, 2013 5:45 pm

1. WATCH THE TIMER IN THE UPPER RIGHT! It's TINY but it shows when the boss and the weapons are going to spawn. Pay attention to it.
2. Get weapons! Running to weapons when they spawn triggers a pickup bar, much like harvesting. The weapons are powerful, get them.
3. Don't go alone! You get the most points for killing a tank, so 2-4 people on one tank is MUCH more effective than just one on one.
4. NEVER CLUSTER! Stick with your team but stay at least an inch away so you don't ALL get hit by the AoE.
5. Killing the crazy powerful boss causes him to drop weapons with unlimited uses, get these.
6. For AoE weapons, you MUST anticipate where tanks are going, not where they are now.
7. When you get killed, the respawn timer shows up, use that time to position yourself so you can attack immediately when you respawn.
8. Hitting 1 (normal attack) will select the nearest tank if you don't already have a target, if you DO have a target, you will move towards said target.
9. Trees etc will block normal attacks and lasers. Use this to your advantage.

Alright. The pickups.
1. Laser - Very nice for single target, preferred weapon.
2. Napalm - Has an AoE, make SURE you hit multiple tanks, second preferred weapon.
3. Freeze... thingy - Slows tanks, has decent damage, couple slowed tanks with other AoE's after they are slowed for easier targeting.
4. Spinal Tap - Has a decent % chance of stunning
5. Acid Cannon - Deals another 50 damage per tick, not sure how much overall damage it deals.
6. Speed up - Uh, what it says, good for running away/chasing down.
7. Goddess Blessing - Heals 1500 health (you start with 5k)
8. Shield - Prevents 1500 damage, GET IT

9. Boss weapons. Picked up from the boss when it's killed. These are dropped by the tank carrying them when that tank is killed. After three holders are killed they go away permanently. GET THEM!
Thunder Bomb - AoE, powerful.


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