Astrals vs Guild skills and whether to eat green astrals or sell them.

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Astrals vs Guild skills and whether to eat green astrals or sell them.

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 04, 2013 8:24 pm

Alright, I threw together charts on Astral levels cost compared to guild skills and whether or not to sell greens or feed them to your other astrals.
This is ALL predicated on cost per stat point. Basically, how much gold it takes to get one ATK etc. It also doesn't offer opinions on % based astrals since those depend on your other stats.

If you don't like math or charts, scroll down to the TL;DR;HATE MATH section. Otherwise, here's the explanation.

First, formula. %'s were taken from Cosmos's blog; survey involved 8k astrals.

White: 51% change of spawning. 1600 sell value
Green: 36% chance. 3600 Sell value, 10 points
Blue: 12% chance - 30 points
Purple: 1.2% chance - 50 points
Orange: .11% chance - 70 points

So, formula. And yes, it's weird, shut up. First formula then example.

Take total XP needed to hit the next level and divide that by
Cost per click - ((How much Whites sell for * frequency) - (how much greens sell for * frequency))
Prior line sums up the total cost per click counting selling.
Multiple that by;
% of blue spawning * 30 + % of purple spawning * 50 + % of orange spawning * 70
Divide that by the stat boost you get from a level of an astral

So example: (since that made no sense)
23040 / ((.36* 10) + (.12 * 30) + (.012 * 50) + (.0011 * 70)) *  (4800  - (1600*.51)) /            288
XP L5 - How many points you get from astrals per click      -        How much it costs per click - stat boost
That example would be a red ATK astral from L4 to L5.

Yeah, that's complicated. If someone wants to check and make sure I didn't make a stupid mistake PLEASE do so; I've had a couple of drinks while doing this -.-

Cost per point means how much gold it costs you to get 1 point in ATK. This ONLY applies to ATK. DEF astrals/Defense - Defense wins even more. HP astrals vs Endurance is the same thing.

Cost to level astrals if you are selling greens

Costs to level astrals if you are feeding the greens as well.

1. Don't level your red/orange astrals past L4 if you can upgrade guild skills. ALWAYS get guild skills first, they are more effective. If you can't level guild skills, do astrals.
2. If you have the astrals you want (i.e. you are probably L55+) then feed the greens to your other astrals. Don't sell them. If you are are still trying to get points to buy reds, then sell them. The reasoning here is; selling them nets you more points in the long run because you get more gold back and thus can click over and over and over and over.... more. (no, this does not lead to more XP for astrals than if you ate the greens) If you don't need to exchange for astrals then you just want XP and thus feeding the greens is better.


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