GoD- Garden of Death (normal)

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GoD- Garden of Death (normal) Empty GoD- Garden of Death (normal)

Post by Godzilla on Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:42 pm

Lots seem to be starting to run this and more will start trying, here are some recommendations.

◾1 Mage with Purify and lvl.1 Blessed Light (lvl.2 Helps)
◾A second Mage in the party can usually run a damage spec, but should nevertheless have some healing on the lineup. However, two dedicated healing Mages can provide a good safety net.
◾1 Archer with Scatter Shot
◾1 Player with at least 5500 PDEF and MDEF to Tank
◾Last Player should attempt to balance out the damage.
◾All players should strive to have at least 5500 MDEF.


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GoD- Garden of Death (normal) Empty Re: GoD- Garden of Death (normal)

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:30 pm

For those of you insane enough to contemplate NM GoD.
A. You need two healer mages with L2 BL.
B. Your party needs to have at least 175k BR. Yes, that means everyone needs to be over 40k BR.
C. The minion spawns on the last boss AREN'T BUFFED! They are the same as normal GoD minions. So if you can survive the initial boss (which we barely did with 180k BR) you can easily clear the final boss.


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