Talents. And talent recomendations.

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Talents. And talent recomendations.  Empty Talents. And talent recomendations.

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 01, 2013 7:43 pm

Once you hit L50 you get access to Holy Seal and Talents. What does this mean?
Holy Seal takes two rounds (or 1.5, hard to tell) to use and it hits one opponent (always a player, never monsters/troops unless there are NO players on the otherside) for your ATK with a chance to stun. How does the stun work?
If you have a lower level opponent you have a higher chance to stun and the higher your seal level the more likely/longer the stun.

So if I was 59 with a L15 holy seal and used it on a L50 with a L1 seal in BG or arena, I would probably stun them for three rounds. (the max)

So what to do? Do NOT level up your Seal/Talents at L50, it wont help you much and the L55 gear will help you FAR more. (if you are getting the L50 set to legendary, then go ahead :p) To level up your seal/talents costs a LOT of XP and Gold so as long as you are leveling the seal, you wont be leveling yourself.

Also know that leveling a talent is much like leveling your seal. It increases the XP/Gold needed. For instance, if I leveled holy seal from 4-5 the XP/gold would increase to 10 mil XP/100k gold. If I left the seal at 4 and got a talent, getting another upgrade would cost 10 mil/100k. (random numbers)

Mage Talents:
Barrier - Get it, 1% more per level so... not really worth it until you are a high level.
Focus - Get it, but don't worry about leveling it up too fast.
Redemption -Handy once in a long while. Unless you use the PVE set though, you wont have the rage to cast BL over and over. I'd ignore it if you don't.
Survival - Can be useful with the PVP set. It increases the amount you heal from Restoration by 20% and increases the cooldown by 5 seconds. Personally, I will probably get one level in it eventually, but it's not a priority.

The rest are pretty much crap skills.

Stealth - Get it to L1, worry about higher levels later.
Instinct - If you like hunting players in BG, GET THIS! Otherwise? Meh.
Scrutiny - Just get it.
Fury - Depends on your build. It can be very handy given the CD reduction on Lunatic.

Everything else? Not really.

Waterseal - If you have a damage build, get it.
Puncture - If you use WW heavily (and you probably do) this is GREAT.
Iron Wall - Get it.
Persistance - If you have a high block? GET IT! Otherwise, it's a waste.

Second Wind, Mediation, Deliverance. If you have the build to use these talents they can be somewhat useful.


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