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Post by Admin on Fri Jul 26, 2013 5:45 pm

Spire is a series of constant battles. You wont get a chance to heal/regain rage after each fight, you fight till you are wiped out.
At the start of every Spire fight you are give 10 runes. (they appear above your skill bar) USE THEM! They restock each time you try it and without them you wont get very far. (3 guardian runes, 3 healing runes, 3 damage runes, 1 revive rune)

You NEED at least one healing mage here. By healing I mean L3 sunt and blessed light.

L1 - Kill it. Use this boss to rage up. Do note that if you have two people front he will often hit both. See below for my preferred formation.

L2 - By the second turn make sure Sunt is up since the boss will hit the entire party every 3~? turns. When the boss hits half it's life it spawn 4 minions. Make SURE that you have an attack rune up if you have a good AoE and use it as soon as the minions spawn. Otherwise your entire team will die to the minions attacks that hit everyone. If your team doesn't have good damage everyone needs to have a guardian rune up as soon as the minions spawn.

L3 - You must IMMEDIATELY use a guardian rune when this level starts. If you have good damage/AoE attack, you then need to use an attack rune to wipe out the worms. Once the main worm is alone keep the tank healed and Sunt up and it's fairly easy.

L4 - Here's where it gets messy. You wont be able to complete this level without fairly high DPS. Second-Third round everyone should use a guardian rune because the boss has a VERY nasty attack that hits everyone. (do you ENJOY being hit for 20k damage? No, then use guardian rune :p)

L5 - Uh, I hope you have massive damage? Don't forget that you will take an extra 80% damage here from debuffs. And no, you can't purify it. The boss alternates between hitting the front row twice, then hitting the back row, then sometimes hitting everyone. I really need to watch the pattern here. (you wont beat this level without everyone being well over 30k BR)

L6 - Yeah, don't bother. Trust me. Take's 4 powerful cashers to beat this. Or a bunch of L60+'s who are very strong.

Random things:
Watch the cooldown on your runes, you must have guardian up for L3 regardless of your BR. And truthfully, a low BR team can get through L3 of spire if they use runes at the appropriate times.

You can always drag out a level by using only basic attacks if you need runes to finish cooling down. USE THIS!

You can buy more spire runes with balens if you wish, I wouldn't recommend it unless you are very powerful and have a team of equally high BR people.

A balanced team will go much further than an unbalanced team. By that I mean 1-2 tanks, 1-2 archers, 1-2 mages. My preferred setup is 2 mages, 1 archer, 1 tank in a missile formation. You can use 1 mage, 2 archers, 1 knight just as easily. 4 of any class isn't going to get anywhere though :p

Damage means more than anything.

You can revive yourself if you use a revive rune when you are dead. USE THIS! It allows your teammates to keep attacking instead of reviving you.

From L4 on, each level sticks you with another 40% damage that you take. So, L4 you take an extra 40% damage, on L5 you take 80% increased damage. This debuff cannot be purified and lasts 1,000 turns. (yes, you heard me right)

If you can manage it, DON'T do Spire late in the day. Everyone only get's ONE Spire attempt, and they can't join to help out even for no rewards :/ So try to do it as early as possible.

The treasure goblin will give you one of the Spire runes (random which one you get) when killed. Be glad when he shows up


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