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Astral Guide(work in progress) Empty Astral Guide(work in progress)

Post by Godzilla on Wed Aug 28, 2013 6:45 pm

Is it better to sell all (including unused Oranges), to keep all non-grey, or somewhere in between?

It costs a lot more gold to gain exp from green astrals than from blue ones. Every 1 exp point you get from a green astral costs you 360 gold, wheres a red one only costs you 147 gold per exp point.

Therefore, if you are just starting out, it may be better to sell all until you find (or exchange for) the astral type and color that you desire. Once you have decent starting astrals, you will be better off selling Green ones as they are not cost-effective to engulf. Whether to engulf or sell blue ones really depend on your individual situation, e.g. how much gold you're making, how much gold you project to need in the near future, and so on.

What astrals are best for me at my level?
Most of the time you can't go wrong with the 3 "core" astrals: 1 atk and 2 def.
From here the path varies depending on your individual build and situation. There is no universal recommendation that works for everyone all the time.

Ideally, you'd want to use different astrals for the different situation in the game. For example, Sniper's Edge and Determination for WB; Aegis for Catacomb, Guardian Angel when facing an archer, and so on.

Let's start with comparison similar astrals. I am using Orange astrals as the basis for all comparisons, and when not specified otherwise I assume 5000 damage done to you, and 5000 damage dealt by you.

Aegis Major vs Goddess Blessings
Aegis reduces damage done to you by an absolute value of 40 / lvl, whereas Goddess reduces by 3% / lvl.
As we can see, this is straightforward, the break even point happens at 1333 damage done to you (1333 x 3% = 40). Therefore, at lower level, Aegis is the better option, and you should switch to Goddess at a level where you receive more than 1333 damage.
Note that you cannot equip both of these Astrals.

Blessed Health vs Regeneration
Another easy one. Blessed heals 400 health / lvl, and Regen heals 10% / lvl of your damage dealt. Each has 10% chance to trigger.
The break even point is then 4000 damage dealt. If you deal higher damage than that, go with Regen, otherwise Blessed.

Enshieldment vs Illusion
Enshieldment adds 216 block points every level. According to Wartune Wiki, each point in block adds approximately 0.04% chance to block an attack.

Assuming no other source of blocks, a level 10 Enshieldment gives you 2160 points or 66% chance to block an attack.
By observation from WB damage, blocked attack reduces damage received by approximately 40%.

Correspondingly, a lvl 10 Illusion gives 18% chance to dodge an attack.
Dodged attack reduces damage received to 1.

This is where the comparison gets tricky.
Illusion treats each part of a multi-attack (such as Mage's RoF, Knight's Delphic, Archer's Multi) as an independent attack. Therefore if a Mage does RoF to you, you could dodge one but not the other.
Block treats all component of multi-attack as one, you either block all or block none.

Illusion reduces all damage done to you to 1, regardless of the type of damage, it could be a critical, normal, or a blocked one.

By observation, a critical hit cannot be simultaneously a blocked one, vice versa. It is not known (at least not to me), whether the game calculates critical first or block first. To move forward, let's assume for now that block is calculated first before critical (except for archer's multi-shot where it is always critical).

Going back to our assumption of 5000 damage done to you, you have an expected damage reduction of 1321 (66% x 5000 x 40%) with lvl 10 Enshieldment, and 900 damage reduction with lvl 10 Illusion (18% x 5000). Though of course when it triggers, Illusion will reduce it by a straight amount of 5000, whereas Enshieldment only reduces it by 2000. Though Illusion triggers approximately 10 times out of every 100 attacks, and Enshieldment 66 times out every 100 attacks.

The probability favors Enshieldment even more when a multi-attack is considered. For example, with a mage's RoF that deals 2500 each attack, Enshieldment still gives 66% chance to block the entire 5000 worth of damage. However, with Illusion, the chance to dodge both attacks is 3% (18% x 18%).

Enshieldment is the clear winner here. Bu if feel illusion is better, go for it.

Fortunately, you don't have to pick if you don't want to. You can equip both Enshieldment and Illusion.

Will Destroyer vs Sniper's Edge
Sniper is almost always paired with Determination, but let's look at the 1-to-1 comparison first.
Will increases damage dealt by 5% / lvl, Sniper adds 216 points to Critical points, which is approximately 10.2% chance to land a critical hit.

Comparing these 2 astrals is not as straight forward as the first three. All the comparisons up to now are of the "same nature", x% chance vs x% chance, where x is always the same number of the two astrals being compared.
In this case, however, Will has 100% chance of increasing your damage dealt by 5% / lvl, whereas Sniper increases your chance to land a critical with a diminishing rate as your astral's level goes up.

Let's start with a straight calculation.
With lvl 1 Sniper which gives 10% chance to do critical (which is 1.5x normal damage?), and 5000 base damage, you can expect to deal 7500 damage once out of every 10 attacks.
With lvl 1 Will, you deal 250 more damage each attack, and in 10 attacks that equals to 2500 more damage.
Exactly the same!

The result changes as the astral level goes up however, because of the diminishing rate Sniper gives.
With lvl 10 Sniper, we get 66% chance to do critical. Thus we can expect to deal 7500 damage 66 times out of every 100 attacks, for a total damage of 5000 x 34 + 7500 x 66 = 665,000.
With lvl 10 Will, we get 50% additional damage each attack, for a total damage of 5000 x 100 x 1.5 = 750,000

This calculation is different when it concerns an Archer since Eye of Eagle and Battle Prowess change the critical chance and damage dealt respectively. These 2 archer passive skills alter the equation significantly enough that it may tilt the favor toward Sniper when you're an archer. Especially when combined with Determination.

Determination vs the rest
Determination increases crit base damage by 5% / lvl.
If you don't equip Sniper, it is generally not recommended to equip this astral. On the flip side of the coin, equipping this astral automatically takes up 2 astral spaces since the other slot is taken by Sniper.
The question then is, what other option do we have at these 2 Astral spaces if we don't use Sniper/Determination combo? This question does not pertain an archer in most cases.

Unfortunately this is as far as my definitive guide goes. Everything beyond this depends greatly on your build and even party.


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