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Post by Godzilla on Tue Aug 20, 2013 8:23 pm

Archer stats priority

Best Stats:
1) Power (gives 4Patk and 1 Pdef for every Power point)
2) Critical (Archers work mostly off of crits its how they gain rage fast)
3) Armor (gives 4 Pdef and 4 Mdef for every Armor point)
4) Endurance (Archers have a passive 20% HP gain from skill tree)

These are the stats you would like to see on every single equipment.
For those of you that don’t have the opportunity to get those stats , try refining till you get the most useful stats out of those 5.

The stat priority is:
1. Power (strength)
2. Patk
3. Crit
4. Defense (armor)
5. Endurance
6. Mdef/Pdef
7. HP
8. Charisma

Priority in astrals:
Level 25 = Patk and Pdef/Mdef
Level 30 = Patk , Pdef and Mdef
Level 40 = Patk , Pdef , Mdef and Crit.
level 50 = Patk , Pdef , Mdef , Crit and Increase crit damage by x%(on the level 50 astrals if you know who are you facing and in case if you don’t need Mdef or Pdef vs that opponent then replace one of them with Goddess Blessing astral)

Note: Some people prefer adding the Illusion astral (chance to dodge damage increases by x%) to their PvP spec in 3×3 arena fights. If you feel that it suites you better then go for it.
The Archer -)----> Astrals

Get blue astrals to lv 3(no further) get Pink to lv 4(no further).  Not a good idea to trade in for the Energine astral. Keep the points and go the orange(or Red)

Guild Skills
Suggested Order of upgrading: (cost)
level 1 Power (200)
level 2 Power (500)
level 1 Defense (200)
level 3 Power (1000)
level 1 Endurance (200)
level 2 Defense (500)
level 2 Endurance (500)
level 4 Power (2000)
level 3 Defense (1000)
level 5 Power (3000)
level 3 Endurance (1000)
level 4 Defense (2000)
level 4 Endurance (2000)
level 1 charisma (200)
level 2 charisma (500)
Total Cost: 14800 contribution = 14 800 000 Gold (this excludes the cost of the gold production)

Try to upgrade the gold production to level 5 or higher as soon as you have the opportunity.

At this point you might want to stop the guild skill upgradings and start spending your gold on your astrals till you get your main 3-4-5 astrals to level 4-5 (it all depends on the gold you make/day)
After you are done with your astrals , continue upgrading your guild skills in the same order as mentioned above.

Academy skills Suggested priority:
The Archer -)----> Academy-650x394
1. Hero Patk (keep this skill equal to your character’s current level)
2. Hero Pdef (keep this skill equal to your character’s current level)
3. Hero Mdef (keep this skill equal to your character’s current level)
4. Hero HP (i am suggesting to upgrade this skill to level 30-40 and then leave it since the bonus from every upgrade isn’t worth the kyanite you pay for it)
5. Troop Patk and Troop count (upgrade those 2 skills as much as possible if your troop enlightenment is Patk)
6. Gold Production , Troop Pdef , Troop Mdef and Troop HP (upgrade them at the same time and try keeping them at the same level)

PvE/PvP Gems

The Archer -)----> Gems

You have 2 options of gem combinations and it all depends on what is your character missing mostly.
Some people may argue with me on that i am not including the Crit gem but as i said use the most needed stats.

The Archer -)----> Legendary-equipment-gems

legendary equipment gems

Here are the 4 gems you need on your legendary equipment.
And for those who prefer Crit, you can use it too , as i said it’s optional for everyone

PVP suggestion build - level 57
For lesser level remove 1 from battle prowess/one from lunatic fire/one from delphic sniper
The Archer -)----> PvP-skills-650x433

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Post by Admin on Tue Aug 20, 2013 11:15 pm

Madara here, this is great info GZ, thanks for taking the time to work it.


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Post by DarkFlamez on Mon Aug 26, 2013 5:55 am

Ermm GZ if you have the time can you help the archers (me) about the gems and if there is a pattern to it Smile


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