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Thing I wish I'd know when I started Empty Thing I wish I'd know when I started

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 26, 2013 5:41 pm

This will expand as other members add stuff and people ask questions.

World Boss
Yes it's stupid. Whoever came up with the idea of dying over and over was an idiot. However, it's a huge source of gold/daru. Make sure you use double cast and do it whenever you are on.

When you get access to new troops, they are always far more powerful than the previous set. The moment you hit Lx0 you should immediately level up your new troops.
So what does this mean? First, MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOUR BARRACKS LEVELED! Don't be like me when I hit L40 and realized that...... I only had a L33 barracks. Having to wait several days to get knights was VERY annoying Very Happy 

This also means you should never overlevel your lower level troops and you should have a giant pile of daru stashed away so when you hit the next level...... You can immediately upgrade your troops. Note that these are just recommended numbers, if you find yourself having a TON of trouble because your troops are too weak, then level them up some more
Lancers - 10-20

Paladins - Not past 20 - you will hit 30 very quickly

Gryphons - Somewhere between 30 and 35 (Gryphons call also stun, which is handy; I stopped at L30 which left me with VERY weak troops but I still had little trouble in BG/Campaigns)

Knights/Angels - L40~ Stop when you can complete the campaigns, I stopped at 40 personally. Now, as to which troop here, most people go knights for their damage against the WB and their tankiness. Some Knights and even a few Archers pick Angels because they can heal. Unless you are a serious tank, I would go knights. If you can tank pretty much anything, Angels are a great help healing, just be aware that they are... well... They suck a choosing what and when to heal :/

Templars/Warlock - Since there are no higher level troops get them as high as possible. I would personally pick Templars since they do more damage in WB and are survive very well. Also, the proc rate for the Warlocks AoE is lower than the Templars boosted attack.

I know it's tempting to just level everything but put a priority on a few things. Hero P/MATK (depending on your class), Hero PDEF, Hero MDEF and Gold. Once those are maxed, troop count, hero HP, whatever else you want. Just be aware that once you get into 40+ it will take 4+ hours for ONE upgrade so you will be stuck upgrading only a few things unless you are a VIP.
The best place to get Kyanite is looting other players cities, the amount you get depends on the player your attacking's level.

Several things here.
First, if you move RIGHT next to the trees just next to the turn in point, you can click on the crystals from the safety of your base and don't run the risk of accidentally clicking on someone as you run to get a cart. This is VERY handy if you are just carting and not fighting.

Second, Dyrads Blessing. If you die twice in a row, you get a 20% stat boost. This lasts until you win a fight. If you KEEP dying (and you will at low levels) you will continue to get stat boosts of 10% per death up to 100%. ALWAYS make sure that when you die and get dyrads you fill up your troops. (troop numbers are boosted by dyrads but say you have 500 troops and a 50% dyrads, you will still only have 500 troops until you go to troops, and assign another 250)

Third, you have the option to turn on/off any title you have by going to your character -> Stats -> Set title to N/A. This has several effects.
I'll use myself as an example, I am an Elite Warrior (honor title) but when I turn off my title people assume that... well, they assume I am a terrible player. So I get attacked by EVERYONE. Seriously, and half of them are surprised when they see I have high level troops and am... well, not a weakling. This is BEST used once you hit X5 and have the full arena set for your level. You will also often get attacked by powerful players who have VERY low HP since they see you as no threat.

More stuff will be added as I think of it, people contribute or people ask questions.


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