Getting Crusader. BG's all day.

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Getting Crusader. BG's all day. Empty Getting Crusader. BG's all day.

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 10, 2013 1:05 am

Yes, the game tells you you are limited to TWO BG's per day, but that's a lie. Even if you have done your two BG's you can still get honor (and occasionally cross-server points).  You have a cap of 3k honor per day, that's all you can earn and early on that's basically impossible to do in only two BG's.

BUT, if you join a third or fourth or even fifth BG, you can still get honor. You WONT get the end rewards of insigs/honor but you will get honor for anyone you kill in BG. Take today for instance, I got 2k honor from my first two BG's + rewards. Nowhere near the cap; so I joined a third, and got another 1k honor there.

So, if you are a powerful player and want to get the crusader mount as soon as possible, join BG's and kill like crazy until you hit the 3k cap. Why crusader mount? It gives you 200 ATK, 250 to MDEF and PDEF, and 1k HP's. It also costs 10k insigs.

I STRONGLY don't recommend you do this unless you have around 18k BR at L40~ The reason for this is because once you get to Crusader rank you will LOSE honor every time you die. If you die to someone who isn't even a private yet you will lose 200 honor. If  you die to another Crusader you will lose 20~ honor depending on how much honor they have. So ONLY do this if you are powerful enough to easily get 500+ honor per BG. Otherwise you will end up being fodder for lower honor players who have higher BR.

For how the gain loss works:
If you kill someone who has 50k honor and you only have 1k you will gain the max honor of 200. If you DIE to someone who has 1k and you have 50k  you will lose the max of 200. Basically, the honor difference between the loser/winner decides how much honor is gained/lost once you hit crusader.

So target players who have LOTS of honor if you can. They will likely be powerful but I usually wait till I see people who get unstoppable and go after them until I find a high honor player that I can kill then I kill them over and over. If you are in luck they will have <1/2 HP's and you can kill them.

YOU CANNOT cart if you are out of attempts. Well, you can but even though it says you get the rewards, you don't get anything.


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