Read this please! The coming difficulty spike in MP dungeons! THIS IS IMPORTANT!

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Read this please! The coming difficulty spike in MP dungeons! THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 07, 2013 4:45 pm

Starting with Void NM the MP dungeons are going to get increasingly difficult. What does this mean? It means if you go into a MP dungeon without a group of powerful, intelligent players who know what to do, you are going to fail. Period.

Void NM
If you are doing this pre-Level 45 you MUST have two healer mages (you can get away with one if they are really powerful) and at least two people with 18k+ BR. Please do NOT try this without that. If you need help doing a run, ask, but if you go into a run with some randoms, you are likely to fail. DAMN, one of Azuls high level players was screaming his head off in world chat earlier because he was dumb enough to go into Void NM without a good healer mage. Just because a random has high BR doesn't mean they aren't stupid.

Badlands - L45-49
This is a boring and relatively easy dungeon until you get to the boss. You MUST have at least one (preferably two) healer mages who have purify. And they should both have full rage at the start of the boss fight. The reason for this is the now recurring theme of bleed damage. The boss has an AoE that hits two party members for decent damage and applies 2 rounds of bleed damage. This does 4k PER ROUND! And the boss will use it multiple times in the fight. So unless you think you can survive 8k damage from bleed for the whole party every 6~ rounds on top of the bosses normal attacks, take puri mages.

Garden of Death - L50-54
You will learn to HATE this boss. You must have 1 knight, 1 archer, 2 healer mages (L3 res, L3 sunt, Blessed light is helpful). You can get away with two archers if ones a decent tank. The final boss when he gets low on life spawns two more versions of himself. One is almost immune to physical damage, one to magical damage and they both heal 1k per round for 20+ rounds. You should SAVE RAGE, don't use your major skills on the first form of the boss, once he spawns his mini-copies, THEN everyone should use your major attacks. If you hit the wrong mini-boss (say your a mage and you hit the one immune to magical damage) you will only do 10% of your ATK in damage. So right now, I have 6k MATK, I would only do 600 damage to the boss.

There's a lot of luck involved here depending on if the archers hit the correct mini-boss, it may take several tries. Also, if you can take him from 1 bar to dead in a round then the minis wont spawn.

Terra's Lair - L55-L59
Ideal party here is two archers, two healer mages. The boss has an AoE that hits the whole party for 5k~ and applies bleed damage to the tune of 6k per turn for three turns. Unless you are a heavy casher you will likely only have 20k-30k HP's. So unless your healer mages have VERY good timing on purifying and using blessed light immediately after the boss uses his AoE you will likely die. The two archers need to have L4 Deep Freeze and they need to chain it. (i.e. one uses it, the other uses it two turns later). The reason for this is because Deep Freeze SEVERELY delays the bosses AoE. With two powerful archers you will likely only get hit by one AoE.

We tried doing this without 2x Deep Freeze archers (we had 0) and we got AoE'd 3! times before we finally died. So take the damn archers.

PLEASE pay attention to this. MP's are a HUGE source of XP later on (the biggest next to a full cats clear) and failing one hurts. If your team knows what they are doing, it will be fine, if not, you WILL DIE.

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Re: Read this please! The coming difficulty spike in MP dungeons! THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Post by kymytty on Wed Aug 07, 2013 11:30 pm


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